Randy Lauer is someone who values family first and everything else second. Randy is a father to a wonderfully intelligent and talented 18 year old boy Mason and a fantastic 22 year old step-daughter Peyton, and uncle/god-father to 4 pretty amazing nieces, Victoria, Jenna, Mariah, and Kalle Ann. He is fortunate to have the strength, support, and compassion of his wonderful wife, and partner in everything he does, Chausse. Together they help to make up the (most amazing) family that Randy is so lucky to be apart of.

A proud father

Coming from a family of adopted siblings, Randy learned early on that family is in the heart, and not always in the blood. As a Mexican-American with a Caucasian brother, and 2 Korean sisters, diversity was learned at an early age. The strength Randy’s parents instilled in he and his brother and sisters, kept them focused and ready for the lives that lay in front of them.

Christmas at the parents house

As a lifelong resident of Gresham and East Multnomah County, Randy grew up attending Hollydale Elementary, Dexter McCarty, and graduated in 1998 from Gresham High School. In fact, most of Randy’s family are GHS alumni! GO GOPHERS! After a few classes at MHCC, and after a lifetime of watching his father earn a wage in the construction and excavation industry, Randy went to work for the City of Portland Water Bureau. There he learned the drinking water industry through a 2 year apprenticeship. His career with Portland Water led to a rewarding career with the city of Troutdale Public Works where Randy was introduced to the amazing city and people of Troutdale, Oregon. Randy finished off his career as a union laborer with the city of Wood Village, a great little city, directly to the West of Troutdale. He dedicated 9 years to Wood Village and had a fulfilling career of providing the citizens there with exemplary service.

Providing safe and clean drinking water

Because of the nearly 17 years of service in the public works industry, Randy’s love for serving the community was able to flourish. This passion for service is something he hopes to be able to bring as the next Mayor of Troutdale.

Randy now focuses on his full time passion of giving back to the community by spreading the message of health & wellness, physical exercise, healthy eating, and supporting the community through service, events, and a positive presence for the youth. Together with his wife Chausse, they own and operate 3-46 GRIT CrossFit, a strength and conditioning gym in Gresham. Going on 8 years of operation, Randy and Chausse have dedicated countless hours to their fitness community by providing a safe, inclusive, and equal opportunity for all to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The ongoing ability to help people feel better and get a better grasp on life through a safe and fun exercise routine, is what keeps motivating Randy to be a better person himself. As a coach, mentor, motivator, and (sometimes) a part-time therapist, Randy is able to offer healthy alternatives while dealing with the stresses of everyday life. That is much more important now than ever before.

Leading others while in his element

With your vote to elect Randy Lauer, to be your next Troutdale Mayor, he promises to bring the very same drive, passion, determination that he brings in all other aspects of his life, to the political stage in Troutdale. Randy cares deeply for the community that he and his family calls home, and as members of the same community and neighborhoods, Randy will also care for your interests and well being as if they were his own.

I can’t do this alone and I only want to do this with all of you in my corner. A leader is only as strong as the community with which he stands amongst and because of this, we are STRONGER TOGETHER!





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